Hello and Welcome!

I am Leo Adhemar R. Tan and I am a WordPress Engineer and a Professional WebNerd.

I prefer these terms as they are the best way to describe the role I play for most of my clients that I’ve worked with for the past few years. While I started purely as a WordPress administrator, I eventually evolved to an IT Generalist role where I pretty much handle everything tech related for my clients. As such, my skill set has grown to include WordPress, WooCommerce, Linux Server Administration for Virtual Private Servers, Google Analytics, Google App Scripts, Learning Management Systems like Learndash and Wp Courseware, Mobile Sites and Business Automation and Scripting.

Aside from my technical skills, I am also a good communicator. One of the biggest challenges in online work is establishing trust and I believe that building clear communication channels is a big step towards overcoming that. Whether it be email, chat or an actual video call, I make the effort to reply right away and be as forthcoming as I can. I also always try my best to explain complex technical concepts in a way that people with no technical background can understand.

I specialize in providing solutions for entrepreneurs who want the best return for their investments. If you have a great online business idea and you need somebody to help you navigate the technical requirements to get your business up and running, I’m the man for you. With almost a decade of experience in helping various individuals and businesses with their online development needs, I am able come up with solutions that meet your specific set of requirements in the most efficient way possible.

My solutions may not be the lowest cost available but it will be the most cost effective.

If you wish to avail my services, please use this contact form.