The key to successfully working with people online is building trust. I am grateful that I have met and worked with great people and I was able to earn their trust.

Here are some of my clients who have generously given testimonials regarding my work for them.

Leo was one of eight candidates we interviewed when looking for a reliable long-term tech hire. He stood out right away, so we hired him.

Leo helped migrate our WordPress-based platforms, set up systems to maintain them long-term. And he loved working on new interesting projects; always with a smile on his face.

We still plan to use Leo for future projects as they arise or become a priority.

Leo is trustworthy (we never felt unsure giving him admin-level access to our systems and services), reliable (showed up to all our weekly team meetings), and loved solving problems.

We are grateful for having found Leo and look forward to working with him in the future.

(The full testimonial can be viewed at a password protected page over at Andre’s site. Just send me a message for the password.)

Leo cut down a bi-monthly recurring task that involved 5 spreadsheets that took 3 days to do manually into 15 minutes through his Python magic.

This allowed me to use my freed up time to other equally important things.

Best 200$ I ever spent.

Josephine Spencer

Icarus Staffing Solutions